Undergraduate advising

Physics majors and minors at Western Michigan University should meet regularly with the Department of Physics undergraduate advisor, Dr. Paul Pancella. See information below to schedule an appointment.

Meeting with your advisor will ensure that you:

  • Meet graduation requirements for physics program and for the University. Refer also to WMU's graduation information.
  • Move through your program of study and graduate in a timely manner. For example, many upper level courses are offered in either Fall or Spring semesters - but not both. Current and recent course offerings may be found at the WMU classlookup page.

Majors in the general physics curriculum should also meet with an advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences for advising on University and general education requirements.

Majors in the geophysics curriculum should also meet with an advisor in the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences.

AP, IB or transfer course credits

All students seeking credit for physics AP, IB or transfer courses should refer to WMU's transfer credits page. Students are also urged to meet with the department undergraduate advisor prior to enrolling in a physics course at another institution to be transferred to WMU to ascertain equivalency. Note that transfer credit equivalencies have been established for many courses at community colleges in the state of Michigan, as well as other selected institutions. Refer to the links on the WMU transfer credits page.

Scheduling an appointment

You may schedule an undergraduate advising appointment by calling the Department of Physics main office, (269) 387-4940. Our advising office is located in 1120 Everett Tower.

Your advisor is also an important resource for information about:

  • Programs of study
  • Courses (offerings, and some electives need approval)
  • Career and employment opportunities
  • Graduate studies in physics and physics related fields (e.g., astronomy)

For current WMU undergraduate students looking for a grad school, GradSchoolShopper is an excellent resource. You can find a great tutorial video on YouTube.

We're here to help. Don't hesitate to get in touch.

Graduate advising

Graduate students should meet regularly with graduate programs advisor Dr. Kirk Korista. The graduate advisor holds regular advising office hours and is also available by appointment.