Current Doctoral Students

Meet current doctoral students within the Department of Political Science at Western Michigan University and learn about their interests.

Rahel kessete Afewerky

Education: B.A., Adi Keyh College of Arts and Social Sciences, M.A., Marmara University, Institute of Social Sciences

Homayun Arian

Education: M.I.D.A., Western Michigan University, B.B.A., Kardan Institute of Higher Education

Davis Arthur-Yeboah

Research interests: political economy of development, African politics, women and politics, civil society, democratization
Field of specialization: comparative politics, American politics
Education: B.A., University of Ghana, M.I.D.A., Western Michigan University

Rahul Arya

Education: M.P.A., Lee Luan Yew School, National University of Singapore, L.L.B., University of Delhi, M.A., University of Delhi, B.A., University of Delhi, 

Dedefo Bedaso

Research Interests: Comparative Politics, Public International Law, Immigration, African Politics, Democratization, Human Rights, International Relations, Nationality, and Ethnicity
Specialization: Comparative Politics, Public International Law, Immigration
L.L.M., University of Cincinnati Law, B.L. Jimma University 

Adam Bennett

Adam Bennett
Research interests: UK politics, Western European politics, American electoral behavior
Field of specialization: comparative politics, American politics
Education: B.A., State Cloud State University

Brittany Brake

Brittany Brake
Research interests: ancient and medieval political philosophy, modern political philosophy, Platonic thought, utopian studies, civic republicanism, rational choice theory
Field of specialization: political philosophy, American politics
Education: B.A., Wittenberg University; M.A., Western Michigan University

Abi Chamlagai

Abi Chamlagai
Research interests: democratization, civil society and social movement
Field of specialization: comparative politics, political philosophy
Education: M.A., University of New Mexico

Yu Cheng

Research interests: Chinese politics, authoritarian institutions, state and governance, ethnicity
Field of specialization: comparative politics
Education: M.P.A., University of Miami

Nofisat Eletu

Research Interests: 
political participation, public opinion, democratization, gender and politics, social movement, immigration, political behavior, race and politics, media and politics, political thoughts, and political theory
Education: B.A., Augustana College, M.A. Western Illinois University


Education: B.A., Kwame Nkrumah, University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, M.A., Eastern Illinois University

Michael Girman

Education: B.A., Hope College

Rei Gordon

Research interests: ethnic conflict and corruption in sub-Saharan Africa
Field of specialization: democratization, nationalism and ethnicity
Education: B.A., Pepperdine University, M.A., Western Michigan University

Kristoffer Haymon

Education: B.A., M.A., Central Michigan University

Ilay Inceefe

Education: M.I.D.A., Western Michigan University, M.A., B.A., Middle Eastern Technical University


Education: B.A., Regent University, M.A., Western Michigan University

Sinthia Chakma Krisna

Education: B.A., Monash College, M.A., Universidade De Evora

Sheri Rogers

Education: M.A., Western Michigan University, B.A., Calvin College

Leyla Sadigova

Research interests: 
political parties and ideologies in the US. women in politics, Political parties and Environmental policies, Political Analysis of Federal Welfare Policies, The role of Media in civic engagement. 
Field of specialization: 
American politics, Theory of Political Science 
Education: B.A., European studies, Qafqaz University, Azerbaijan, MPA, ADA University, Azerbaijan, MPA Bowling Green State University

Manuel Soque

Research interests: civil society, social movements, democratization, political economy of development, money-laundering and terrorism financing, campaign and elections
Field of specialization: comparative politics, American politics
Education: B.A., Catholic University of Angola, M.A., Western Michigan University

Gleb Smirnov

Education: University of Denver


Education: B.A., Tribhuvan University, M.A., Purbanchal University, M.A. Mahidol University