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Dawid Tatarczyk, Ph.d. candidate

Primary field: Comparative Politics and Political Theory
More information: Curriculum Vitae
Website: dawidtatarczyk.com

Dawid Tatarczyk's research examines the political influence of the Catholic Church in consolidated democracies. His dissertation utilizes a variety of research methods, including QCA and process tracing to analyze 24 OECD countries. The primary goal of the dissertation is to explain which combination of institutional conditions (i.e. Catholic electorate, referenda, and Christian Democratic Parties) is necessary/sufficient for the Church to exercise political influence. Dawid has taught Comparative Politics and Critical Thinking About Politics.

Sarah V. Perez, Ph.d. candidate

Primary field: American Politics and Political Theory
More information: Curriculum Vitae

Sarah Perez’s current research focuses primarily on racial and ethnic politics in the United States and how different groups interact with each other and what affect that has on the political system of the United States. Her dissertation is titled “A House Divided Cannot Stand: The Case for Latino/African-American Coalitions,” which explores what attitudes are likely to produce support for coalition building among African Americans and Latinos. The main focus of the dissertation is the disentanglement of three sets of attitudes and how those sets of attitudes can serve to either support or discourage coalition building between the two groups. In addition to Sarah’s dissertation research, her other interests include racial and ethnic politics, Latino politics, African American politics, political behavior, and campaigns and elections.  Sarah has taught American Government (PSCI 2000) and Critical Thinking about Politics (PSCI 1050).