Paul Iagnocco

Paul IagnoccoPaul Iagnocco

Time at Western Michigan University:1981-1999 (student and administration)

Mr. Iagnocco received his bachelor of arts degree in political science concentrating on international relations and public administration.  Dr. Butterfield, political science professor, remembers him as an undergraduate student. Butterfield was impressed by his academics and ability to change with the times to support students. Both his undergraduate internship with the associate dean and his graduate assistantship in student life led to a decade long career within the profession.  Iagnocco was very much a supporter of student leadership and involvement within Western Michigan University (WMU). 

In his time at WMU, he was Inter-Fraternity Council President, an adviser to Western’s Student Leader Group, and Head of Emerging Leaders.  Through his different positions he sought “to revitalize the leadership program and help students gain proper leadership for appropriate organizations” which explains his mentality towards all his student affairs’ positions.   He was committed to students on campus and making their higher education experiences memorable. While he was the Director of Student Affairs Information Services, in the mid-nineties, his team brought in the Student Affairs’ first computer for student use.  He listened to students complaints and did his best to resolve situations between student organizations and WMU.  

As the Assistant Coach for the WMU Stallions Hockey team in 90s, he spoke highly of the quality of his team and defeating odds pitted against them.  He has since been a life-long Bronco hockey supporter.

Mr. Iagnocco currently works as the Chief Privacy Officer for Kellogg in Battle Creek. He has worked in various positions for over a decade there as well. He and his wife Renee, created a endowment to support study abroad scholarships for political science students.  His experiences at WMU and in his current position value global engagement. They wanted to show their support of the WMU pillar by financially supporting students’ adventures around the world.

The Iagnocco Family Study Abroad Scholarship is an annual award for a political science major planning to study abroad.

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