George Klein Lecture

Portrait of George Klein

The annual George Klein Lecture is named after Dr. George Klein, a longtime member of the Western Michigan University Department of Political Science and an internationally known expert on Balkan politics and Eastern European political systems.

After his death in 1981, his widow, Dr. Patricia V. Klein, WMU associate professor emerita of science studies, created an endowment in his honor. That endowment funds the annual lecture, symposia, conferences and scholarships.

2018-19 lecture

"The International Criminal Courts and their Contribution to Peace and Reconciliation in Yugoslavia" presented by Judge Vagn Joensen, International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals

Past speakers

"Monumental Politics in the Post-Communist World" 
Dr. Juliet Johnson, McGill University

"When Do Foreign Banks Cut and Run? Evidence from West European Bail-Outs and East European Markets"
Dr. Rachel Epstein, University of Denver

"Crisis at The Hague: What Has Gone Wrong with International War Crimes Trials?”
Dr. Jelena Subotic, Georgia State University

"Ethnonationalist Conflict in Postcommunist States: Varieties of Governance in Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Kosovo"
Dr. Maria Koinova, University of Warwick (UK)

"Skeletons in the Closet: Transitional Justice In Post-Communist Europe"
Dr. Monika Nalepa, University of Notre Dame

“Do Citizens Rule in Postcommunist Europe and Should They?”
Dr. Andrew Roberts, Northwestern University

"Democracy & European Integration 20 Years after the Collapse of Communism"
Dr. Milada Anna Vachudova, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

"Objects in the Mirror are Closer than They Appear: The Politics of Postcommunist Europe and Why We Should Care"
Dr. Kevin Deegan-Krause, Wayne State University

"Phobias and Foreign Policies in Central Europe: Do National Prejudices Determine National Security?"
Dr. Ray Taras, Tulane University

"Exporting Equality: Gender Regulations and EU Enlargement in Central Europe"
Dr. Leah Seppanen Anderson, Wheaton College

“Antagonistic Tolerance, Divided Societies and Electoral Politics in India and the Balkans”
Dr. Robert Hayden, University of Pittsburgh

"Reconstructing Bosnia and Kosovo: Lessons for Iraq"
Dr. Kathleen Hill Hawk, University of Alabama, Huntsville

"The Role of the Left in Post-Communist Eastern Europe"
Dr. Igor Luksic, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Symposium: "Transitions in Process: Social, Political and Cultural Dimensions of Change in Eastern Europe"

Dr. Branko Horvat, University of Zagreb

Dr. Zarko Korac, University of Belgrade

Dr. Robin Remington, University of Missouri, Columbia