Current MA Students

Meet current M.A. students within the Department of Political Science at Western Michigan University and learn about their interests.

Stacy Borr

Education: B.A., Grand Valley State University

Demetrius Goodale

Demetrius Goodale

Research interests: Russian/Central Asian politics
Field of specialization: comparative politics
Education: B.A., Western Michigan University

Rei Gordon

Research interests: American electoral behavior, Eastern European politics
Fields of specialization: comparative politics, American politics
Education: B.A., Pepperdine University

Heritier Lingoso

Education: B.B.A., Western Michigan University

Randall Pomeroy

Joseph Rasich

Joey Rasich

Research Interests: campaigns, elections and democratization
Field of Specialization: American and comparative
Education: M.I.B, Hult International Business School, B.S.B.A., Central Michigan University