Current MIDA students

Meet current MIDA students within the Department of Political Science at Western Michigan University and learn about their interests.

Samuel Agyeman

Research interests: policy analysis, monitoring and evaluation, civil society and non-profit leadership
Education: B.A., Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

Homayun Arian

Homayun Arian

Field of specialization: general; international development
Education: B.B.A., Kardan Institute of Higher Education

Christopher Barton

Education: B.A., Grand Valley State University

Ana Laura Celorio Escandon

Research interests: sustainable development and non-profit management
Field of specialization: environmental science, management and public policy analysis
Education: B.A., Universidad Latina de America

Cinthya Collado

Cinthya Collado

Education: M.A., Universidad Centroamericana

Miguel Angel Diaz Abreu

Migeul Diaz

Research interests: economic development, political theory
Field of specialization: economics
Education: B.A., Santo Domingo Institute of Technology

Augusto Cesar Dominguez Hernandez

Cesar Augusto Dominguez

Research interests: gender politics, democratization, LGBT rights
Field of specialization: democratization, gender politics
Education: B.A., Mother and Teaching Pontifical Catholic University

Komlan Edan

Research interests: monitoring and evaluation/development policies
Field of specialization: international development project
Education: B.S., University of Benin, M.S., National School of Statistics and Applied Economics of Abidjan

Quynh Thuy Mai

Education: Bachelor of International Relations, Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities

Thomas McDaniel

Education: B.A., Western Illinois University, M.A., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Shamsia Noori

Education: B.A. of Sociology, American University of Central Asia

Felanny Perez Cuevas

Education: Bachelor in Law, Universidad Autonoma De Santo Domingo

Leslie Pobee

Education: B.A., University of Ghana

Mariel Ramirez Lluberes

Mariel Ramierez

Education: B.A., University of the Caribbean

Denia Ramirez Soriano

Research interests: education, health care, foreign policy, poverty reduction, gender equality, urbanization, and sustainable development
Field of specialization: health services management
Education: B.A., Autonomous University of Santo Domingo

Bethanie Saint Louis

Bethanie Saint Louis MIDA

Education: B.S., Madonna University, Certificate of Human Resources Management, Cornell University, Certicate of Business Management, Northcentral Technical College

Ahmad Sadiq

Research interests: economic development in developing countries
Field of specialization: international economics
Education: B.A., University of Mysore

Mackenzie Scholte

Education: B.A., Anderson University

Lissette Reyes Segura

Lissette Reyes Segura
B.A., Universidad Catolica Santa Domingo

Rossy Sical

Research interests: development policy, foreign policy, political institutions, political economy, and sustainable development
Field of specialization: international development and policy analysis
Education: B.S.W., Cornerstone University

Sokhona Sissoko

Research interests: international development (NGOs)
Field of specialization: international development and administration
Education: M.A., Institut Superieur de Management Senegal

Breanne Stokes

Education: B.A., Adrian College

Pascal Valbrune

Pascal Valbrune

Research interests: inequality and social exclusion in developing countries, economic development, brain drain, development effectiveness
Field of specialization: policy analysis, planning and non-profit management
Education: B.B.A., University of Notre Dame Haiti