George Klein Memorial Scholarship Award for Study Abroad in Central and East European Studies in Political Science

This award for study abroad in Central and East European Studies was created to honor the late Dr. George Klein, a faculty member in the Department of Political Science until his death in 1982. The award, which is made annually, will normally range from $500-$750 awarded for the semester of study. This amount may be varied depending on the availability of funds. Application is open to undergraduates majoring in political science at Western Michigan University.


1. A grade average of 2.75 overall as well as a 3.0 average in political science at the time of the award.

2. All applicants must have earned at least 40 hours toward an undergraduate degree in political science and must be declared in one of the majors in the department (Political Science, Public Law, Public Policy, International and Comparative Politics or Secondary Education/Political Science).

3. Applicants must have taken either PSCI 2000, 2400 or 2500 and have completed nine hours of Political Science before the semester/session abroad starts.

4. The applicant must have been a regular, enrolled student at some time during the calendar year immediately preceding the granting of the ward.

5. The Study Abroad program must take place in one of the following countries: Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia or Croatia.

6. A strong preference will be given to students enrolling in WMU’s Prague Summer Program or WMU’s semester program at Charles University.

7. The Study Abroad program must be through an accredited institution (this can be verified by contacting the Office of Study Abroad, B-200 Ellsworth Hall).

8. Students must take at least one Political Science course during their study abroad program. 9. As a condition to receiving the scholarship, the recipient agrees to make a presentation to other students upon return if asked by the department.

NOTE: if you receive a scholarship, the award will be posted to your student account near the beginning of the semester of study. 

Your application form and personal statement are due in the political science department office, 3302 Friedmann Hall, by March 1. Announcement of the award will be made at the end of March. The award will be presented at the Political Science Honors Luncheon in early April.