United Nations/Kalamazoo Chapter Scholarship Award

This award for academic excellence in the field of international and comparative politics has been established by the Kalamazoo Chapter of the United Nations Association. The scholarship is awarded to an exceptional undergraduate majoring in International and Comparative Politics. The award is made on the basis of the student’s academic scholarship and disciplinary and professional accomplishment. Other factors that may be taken into consideration include participation in extracurricular activities (particularly those with an international focus), and participation a study abroad program. Preference will be given to students with Junior status.


To be eligible for this award from the Department of Political Science, at time of application, a student:

1) must be a major in International and Comparative Politics and have either second semester junior or a first-semester senior status;

2) must have completed at least one year of study at WMU by the end of this academic year, and must complete their senior year at WMU; Special consideration will be given to students with either a record of student activism, participation in a study abroad program, or both.

Note that the receipt of other awards, scholarships, or honors will not make any student ineligible to apply for or receive the UNA/KC Scholarship. 

Your application form is due to the political science department office, 3308 Friedmann Hall, by March 1. Announcement of the award will be made at the end of March. The award will be presented at the Political Science Honors Luncheon in early April.