Why Study Political Science?

We have a lot to offer you with five options for you to choose from:

  • Standard political science major: In addition to a number of required courses, you can select any three elective courses to take in the department to fulfill the major.
  • American public policy: This program concentrates on U.S. politics and policy, while also providing an introduction to other subfields in the discipline. Many students in this program complete a public policy internship to get experience grappling with policy problems in various governmental agencies or in legislative affairs.
  • International and comparative politics: Students in this program are interested in international affairs and thus complete two years of a foreign language and often participate in the study abroad semester. Also, the department has a Model Arab League program as well as Model United Nations in selected years.
  • Public law: This is a very popular program with most students planning to attend law school upon graduation. There is a very intensive Mock Trial program, which enters various competitions each year. A number of public law students are team members each year.
  • Secondary education major: More than 10 percent of all our students in political science are in this program. There are elective credits available within this major so that a secondary education student can select courses that will be of most interest and best future application in the classroom.

In addition:

  • The Department of Political Science has more than 500 students enrolled in a major and 100 students enrolled in a minor.
  • The department prides itself on its individualized advising system where each major and minor is assigned to a faculty member who then follows that student throughout his or her time at WMU.
  • Our Institute of Government and Politics regularly offers speakers and other programs that undergraduates are invited to attend.