2020-2021 Season

Our students need us unconditionally this season.

This is a transformative time in many ways. It has proven to us that sometimes different can be really, really exciting. It has moved us outside of our comfort zones, often with surprising results! The live performance industry is largely shut down and those of us committed to educating theatre artists have an opportunity to empower our students with the tools they’ll need to shape the future of theatre and to thrive “outside of the box.”

The WMU Department of Theatre joins thousands of creative organizations across the globe who are being forced to reimagine how they present art in the current environment. It demands innovation, bravery, and a new set of expectations on the part of both artist and audience.

Currently, we’re unable to plan shows and events too far into the future. We have plans to invite you to enjoy the work of students in a variety of settings in the coming months, depending on the course of the pandemic. There are many ideas on the table and we will continue to be ambitious and responsive in how we plan and present programming.

The arts need us, especially now. And they need us unconditionally. Students across the country need financial resources to create work as part of their training, regardless of how we are able to interact with it. Please consider a gift in support of their work. Your support is crucial in ensuring that the education of our young artists will be ongoing – even in the face of the greatest challenge live performance has faced in decades.

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What do we have planned so far?

    1. A reimagined, outdoor production of Sondheim’s Sunday in the Park with George playing at WMU in the Miller Fountain Plaza outside of the Richmond Center for Visual Arts. September 18 – October 4.
    2. An original piece of immersive theatre that takes you on a socially distant adventure in various locations throughout the Gilmore Theatre Complex and surrounding areas. Audience groups will move through this theatre experience in groups of 8, with household groups maintaining a 6-foot distance from each other at all times. Audience groups will never be more than 12 minutes or so in any space and will be at least 12 feet from all performers. UPDATE: Due to health concerns and rising Covid-19 infection numbers in October, we didn't perform this event for the public. 
    3. UPCOMING: Stay tuned for announcements about student work and additional outdoor performances in May!