ASL Shadow Interpreted Performance

The November 12th performance of Clue will feature ASL interpretation.

This performance is made possible with support from Theatre Kalamazoo and the James Gilmore Jr.  Foundation. 


The use of ASL (American Sign Language) performers in production with shadow interpretation is to move beyond accessibility and into a new artistic space. The co-presentation through English and ASL elevates the experience of the Deaf audience and reduces the distraction for hearing audiences. Traditional platform interpreting, with two interpreters off to the side, forces the Deaf audience to choose between the action and visual dynamics of the performance and what the characters are saying. On the opposite end of the spectrum, hearing audiences can get distracted by visual noise as the interpreters perform. When the interpreters are on stage, in costume, the ASL performers integrate seamlessly with the cast, fluidly delivering dialogue in proximity to the speaking character so that action and speech are connected. They add depth to the performance, as the construction of an oral language into a visual language materializes in a way that supports the theme, delivery, and artistic expression of the show. The shadow interpreters are complementary cast members who allow audience members to enjoy a truly accessible show.