Praise for WMU's Theatre Program

“After auditioning and interviewing undergraduate students for many years at our M.F.A. auditions, I am extremely impressed with the level of talent, preparedness and professional behavior that I find in every student I audition from Western Michigan’s Theatre Program—amazing young students.” —Ron Wilson, Director, Case Western Reserve University-Cleveland Play House MFA Acting Program

“This program is a superstar in undergraduate theatre education. I can say from personal experience that the acting, design and technology students at Western Michigan University are consistently among the best in the United States. Western Michigan University is considered an elite program, with some of the highest quality students in the nation.” —Brant Pope, Chair, Department of Drama and Dance, University of Texas-Austin

 “Actors coming out of the Western Michigan theatre program are certainly among the best and most sought-after students I have encountered during my 25 years of recruiting for three nationally ranked graduate programs. They are extremely talented, expertly trained and fully prepared for the rigors of the next level of training. I am proud to say I have been fortunate enough to recruit them on numerous occasions.”  —Jim Wise, Professor of Acting/MFA acting program, The Pennsylvania State University

“You have one of the finest undergraduate programs in the country, and your students are always among the strongest that we see at URTA.” —Henson Keyes, Director, M.F.A. acting program, University of Illinois

“Perfect pre-professional training is how I would describe the WMU actors I have worked with in M.F.A. Professional Actor Training Programs. The students are curious and alert and ready to add to the arsenal of tools they have received during their undergraduate years. I, as well as fellows from peer institutions, always look forward to auditioning and interviewing the WMU actors seeking advanced training. Whatever WMU is doing to prepare their students for a future in the professional arena … it works!” —Dale AJ Rose, Director of Performance Studies, M.F.A. Acting Program
Associate Chair, Interim Artistic Director for Connecticut Repertory Theatre 

“I must share with you that we really respond well to the actors from WMU. They are invariably well-prepared, personable, professional young men and women who are, without a doubt, ready for the rigors of graduate actor training. You and your colleagues can be proud indeed.” —Jane Ridley, Head, Graduate Acting program, Pennsylvania State University

“There isn’t another school in the country that has this many people on our list for consideration. It’s a credit to your sharp eyes in recruiting and the strong challenges you provide these students with that so many stand so strong in the competitive market for M.F.A. training.” —Jack Young, Director, Graduate Acting and Directing, University of Houston M.F.A.