Industry Outreach Office

An industry partnership program dedicated to connecting the needs of employers with the WMU College of Engineering and Applied Sciences students, faculty and staff.

We are here for your industry. Whether you are seeking to build industry recognition with graduating students or working with faculty to construct an education program that fits your co-op program needs, we offer a wide range of opportunities to connect your industry to the resources available at the WMU College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Let us know how we can help with:

  • Establishing educational paths to help develop students to fit your co-op programs.
  • Growing your company brand among students and faculty
  • Sponsorship opportunities with the college’s Registered Student Organizations
  • Connecting with faculty on joint research programs
  • Enlisting students for research projects and focus groups involving your products
  • A position on the college’s Industry Advisory Board
  • For more information about how we can meet the needs of your industry please contact us.

For more information about becoming an Industry Outreach Office Premier Partner, contact:

John Patton Chew
Ph. #: 269-276-3265

Platinum Partners


Additional resources at WMU for Industry Representatives

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