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WMU Theatre Presents Julius Caesar

Posted by Anna Morris for Theatre

Shakespeare's political thriller tells the story of the conspiracy against Caesar, his assassination, and the defeat of his conspirators.  Jealous conspirators convince Caesar's friend Brutus to join their assassination plot against Caesar. To stop Caesar from gaining too much power, Brutus and the conspirators kill him on the Ides of March. Mark Antony drives the conspirators out of Rome and fights them in a battle. Brutus and his friend Cassius lose and kill themselves, leaving Antony to rule Rome.

“It’s a great political play, a study of power used and abused, of how good intentions (and good people) can provoke consequences unforeseen. It’s also a study in how news (in the form of the celebrated funeral speeches) can do more than report history – it can make it.” - The Arts Desk 

Date: Friday, May. 17 - 7:30pm Saturday, May. 18 - 7:30pm Sunday, May. 19 - 2:00pm Friday, May. 24 - 7:30pm Saturday, May. 25 - 7:30pm Sunday, May. 26 - 2:00pm
Location: WMU - Gilmore Theatre Complex
1351 Theatre Dr
Kalamazoo MI 49008 US
$21 Standard
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$19 Senior
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$10 Student
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$7 WMU Student
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Contact: Emily Duguay
(269) 387-6222
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