Ad Hoc Electronic Curriculum Process Committee

Committee Charges

  • Develop revised procedures and documentation for the WMU electronic curriculum process.
  • Develop process improvements for the WMU electronic curriculum process as needed.
  • Coordinate modification to the WMU electronic curriculum process to support WMU Essential Studies.
  • Develop an electronic program improvement process.


Committee Officer

Vacant, Chair

Ashley Glass, Secretary

Ex Officio Member

Decker Hains
Faculty Senate Executive Board

Appointed Members

Louann Bierlein Palmer
Graduate Studies Council Represenative

Tobias Boyle
Office of Information Technology

Sue Brodasky
Faculty Senate Office

Laura Ciccantell
Education and Human Development

David Code
Fine Arts

Michael Duffy
Undergraduate Studies Council Representative

David Flanagan
Academic and Information Technology Council Representative

Ashley Glass
Arts and Sciences

Decker Hains
WMU Essential Studies Executive Advisory Committee
and Engineering and Applied Sciences

Jennifer Harrison
Health and Human Services

Timothy LaLonde
Office of Information Technology

Kelley Oliver
Registrar's Office

Matt Provenzale
Office of Information Technology

Bret Wagner

Nicolas Witschi
WMU Curriculum Interim Manager