International Education Council

Role statement

The International Education Council serves in an advisory capacity to initiate, review, and recommend policies dealing with the international aspects of the University’s mission and goals. The council serves to advocate the continued internationalization of the University and to maintain review of the University’s various administrative arrangements, policies and procedures for the conduct of international programs and activities.

The council’s oversight includes internationalization activities on campus including, but not limited to, internationalization of the curriculum and enrichment of the international development and experience of faculty, staff and students, as well as the University’s presence in other countries and territories.

Charges 2019-20

In addition to its specific responsibilities listed in the International Education Council’s role statement and the work of subcommittees if such exist, the Faculty Senate Executive Board charges the IEC to consider, as a committee of the whole or through the appropriate subcommittee or task force, the following issues:

  1. Review the scope and description of the council’s role statement and assess the effectiveness of the council’s practices. Address any continuing or outstanding issues or initiatives as directed by the Faculty Senate Executive Board.
  2. Develop and recommend mechanisms that will encourage faculty to develop and/or participate in bringing global perspectives to their own areas of teaching and promote internationalization of the curriculum; and promote and assist international research; include diversity and inclusion when relevant to these initiatives.
  3. Develop and recommend best practices for ensuring that international students at WMU are made to feel welcome and directly connect with U.S. based students in real and meaningful ways.
  4. Examine ways in global engagement can enhance the Capital Campaign.
  5. Collaborate with the Office of Institutional Equity in the development of the Global Engagement Pathways in the WMU Signature Program.
  6. Examine, review, and report on the success of International Education Week, including food and dance festival held on WMU's campus.
  7. Develop best practices for curriculum enriching and integrated study abroad programs, including creating recommendations for college curriculum committees on how to assess study abroad course proposals.
  8. Continue to develop best practices for advancing shared classroom instruction and collaborative projects between multiple university sites including WMU.
  9. Assess and make recommendations regarding how WMU is serving the internationalization needs of the community.

Approved by the Faculty Senate Executive Board on Aug. 2, 2019

NOTE: The IEC will seek information from the Haenicke Institute for Global Education (HIGE) to maintain communications with that office on issues directly related to it. Council recommendations are to be submitted to the Executive Board in the form of a memorandum of action (MOA) on which the recommendation(s) is/are stated. Any draft MOAs requested by the Executive Board should be submitted using the MOA template.

The IEC chairperson shall provide a written report of the council’s accomplishments and progress for the year; list the above charges noting each items progress and current status; any other activities undertaken; and draft charges for the 2020-21 academic year, no later than June 30, 2020.

Click here for a printable version of the IEC 2019-20 Charges