Transfer of Credit Subcommittee

The committee reviews transfer policies and procedures.

MEMBERSHIP: The committee membership will consist of one member of the Faculty Senate Executive Board; the Associate Provost for Assessment and Undergraduate Studies; one representative from each office 1) Office of Admissions, 2) Office of Student Transitions, 3) Military and Veterans Affairs, and 4) International Admissions and Services - Haenicke Institute for Global Education; one representative from the University Advising Council; a department chair from the College of Arts and Sciences; one faculty representative from the following colleges 1) Aviation, 2) Business, 3) Education and Human Development, 4) Engineering and Applied Sciences, 5) Fine Arts, and 6) Health and Human Services; one faculty representative from both the Undergraduate Studies Council and the Graduate Studies Council.

Committee Officers

David Reinhold, Chair

Pnina Ari-Gur, Vice Chair

Vacant, Secretary

Ex Officio member

Marilyn Kritzman
Faculty Senate Executive Board

Appointed Faculty Members

Pnina Ari-Gur (2021)
Engineering and Applied Sciences

Kathryn Hillenbrand (2020)
Undergraduate Studies Council

Melinda Holohan (2021)
Education and Human Development

Doris Ravotas (2022)
Health and Human Services

Gail Rouscher (fall alternate Nathan Lisak, spring alternate Edward Kudzia) (2020)

Kenneth Smith (2021)
Fine Arts

Kristina Wirtz (2022)
Arts and Sciences (Humanities)

Jeffrey Xie (2022)

Vacant (2020)
Graduate Studies Council

Appointed Administrative Members

MK Mohanan (2021)
Haenicke Institute for Global Education (International Admissions and Services)

Kerrie Harvey (2022)
Academic Advisor, Fine Arts

Scott Hennessy (2020)

Steven Miller (2020)
Office of Student Transitions

Vacant (2020)
Military and Veterans Affairs

Permanent member

David Reinhold (indefinite appointment)
Associate Provost for Assessment and Undergraduate Studies

Advisory Member

Alice Molvern
Haenicke Institute for Global Education (International Partnerships)

Recording Secretary

Tonya Dean
Assessment and Undergraduate Studies