Service Learning Course Approval Subcommittee


The Service Learning Subcommittee will review proposed service learning course syllabi in accordance with MOA-18/09: Creation of Service Learning Course Approval Procedures to ensure courses meet minimum service learning criteria and to receive a service learning designation.

Experiential/Service Learning Definition

Service Learning Designation Procedures

MEMBERSHIP: The committee membership will include the Director for the Office of Service Learning; two academic advisors; four faculty representatives who regularly teach courses that meet Faculty Senate approved criteria for service learning to include one from Arts and Sciences; one from Business; and two from at least one other academic college.

committee officers

Tim Palmer, Co-Chair

Jennifer Harrison, Co-Chair

Brian Gogan, Vice Chair

Vacant, Secretary

Ex Officio Member

Deanna Bush
Undergraduate Studies Council

Appointed Faculty members

Carrie Barrett (2024)
Health and Human Services

Brian Gogan (2023)
Arts and Sciences

Jennifer Harrison (2022)
Health and Human Services

Tim Palmer (2022)

Appointed Administrative Members

Shawn Tenney
Director of Service Learning

Vacant (2024)
Academic Advisor, Lee Honors College

Vacant (2020)
Academic Administrator