Council Leadership Training 2023-24
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The Faculty Senate uses the American Institute of Parliamentarians Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedures as its authority on meeting procedures.


Faculty Senate Councils

Academic and Information Technology Council

Functions as a body to assist in developing and revising the University's strategic plan for information technology and other IT policies.

Campus Planning and Finance Council

Considers, as a committee of the whole or through the appropriate sub-committee or task force, the following issues: campus planning and student recruitment; west campus and Miller plaza; budget; signs, landscape and sculpture committee; transportation committee and east campus.

Graduate Studies Council

Reviews, develops and recommends policy regarding graduate education at WMU.

International Education Council

Functions as a body for the collaboration of the administration and faculty in making decisions and policy concerning student enrollment in undergraduate foreign study programs, student exchange programs between WMU and other institutions, international student enrollment patterns at WMU, ongoing twinning or other educational exchange agreements, faculty exchange programs and faculty participation, and funded international grants and related WMU activities.

Research Policies Council

Reviews, develops and recommends policies dealing with the enhancement and implementation of research and creative activity at WMU.

Undergraduate Studies Council

A policy-recommending and review body with oversight of any matter related to the undergraduate curriculum at the University.