Campus Planning and Finance Council

Role statement

The Campus Planning and Finance Council functions as a body to:

  1. Develop and recommend guidelines or review existing policies that provide a framework which campus agencies may use as a benchmark in making decisions related to campus planning and finance matters;
  2. Review major plans for the University’s physical facilities, including on- and off-campus facilities, transportation and infrastructure, and how they impact safety, security, aesthetics, finances and the surrounding environment. The goal of such reviews is to advise the administration with the views of the faculty and determine how well those plans fit into the framework referred to in the first item above;
  3. Review budget and financial issues of the University and make recommendations to the administration as appropriate; and
  4. Conduct such special studies as the executive board of the Faculty Senate may request, including ongoing charges.

Council Standing Subcommittees

  1. Agenda Subcommittee—Prepare the agenda for meetings of the Campus Planning and Finance Council.
  2. Transportation Subcommittee—Monitor on- and off-campus transportation and parking systems at the University and develop recommendations for modifications as needed.

Charges 2019-20

In addition to its specific responsibilities listed in the Campus Planning and Finance Council’s role statement and the work of subcommittees if such exist, the Faculty Senate Executive Board charges the CPFC to consider, as a committee of the whole or through the appropriate subcommittee or task force, the following issues:

  1. Review the scope and description of the council’s role statement and assess the effectiveness of the council’s practices. Address any continuing or outstanding issues or initiatives as directed by the Faculty Senate Executive Board.
  2. Review and report on the Strategic Resource Management budget model progress and provide input into plans for the next phase of the transition to a new model for WMU.
  3. Evaluate and report on the new WMU branding initiatives as they relate to faculty and staff roles.
  4. Examine and report on the aspects of the University campus tour for prospective students for the purposes of enrollment management.
  5. Review and report on the WMU Landscape Services Master Plan that will guide the physical development of the campus, creating a framework for future growth that also preserves the University's unique heritage and culture.
  6. Review and provide input into campus construction projects and campus sub-master plan that are in the various stages of planning, such as: Arcadia Flats, New Student Center, Aviation Battle Creek Campus, and Hilltop Project.
  7. Work with the Office of the Vice President for University Advancement and report on the planned capital campaign, as it relates to the role of faculty towards this initiative.
  8. Review and report on the status of campus safety, emergency preparedness, notification, etc.
  9. Investigate, evaluate, and report on the current processes for WMU enrollment forecasting to understand its impact on recruitment and retention.
  10. Review and report on WMU athletics on campus, in terms of cost, facilities, future planning, graduation rates, etc.
  11. Examine and report on issues of risk management to the University.

Approved by the Faculty Senate Executive Board on Aug. 23, 2019

NOTE: The CPFC will seek information from the offices of the Vice President for Business and Finance, Facilities Management and University Budgets and Financial Planning to maintain communications with those offices on issues directly related to them. Council recommendations are to be submitted to the Executive Board in the form of a memorandum of action (MOA) on which the recommendation(s) is/are stated. Any draft MOAs requested by the Executive Board should be submitted using the MOA template.

The CPFC chairperson shall provide a written report of the council’s accomplishments progress for the year; list the above charges noting each item's progress and current status; any other activities undertaken; and draft charges for the 2020-21 academic year, no later than June 30, 2020.

Click here for a printable version of the CPFC 2019-20 Charges