Professional Concerns Committee

Role statement

In addition to annual charges it may receive from the Faculty Senate Executive Board, the Professional Concerns Committee acts as the oversight committee for reviewing and monitoring all University policies and procedures dealing with academic conduct, including academic dishonesty, grade appeal and program dismissal issues.

Charges for 2019-20

In addition to its specific responsibilities listed in the Professional Concerns Committee’s role statement and the work of subcommittees if such exist, the Faculty Senate Executive Board charges the PCC to consider, as a committee of the whole or through the appropriate subcommittee or task force, the following issues:

  1. Review the scope and description of the role statement and assess the effectiveness of committee practices. Address any continuing or outstanding issues or initiatives as directed by the Faculty Senate Executive Board.
  2. Address any continuing or outstanding issues or initiatives as deemed necessary by the committee. To the extent possible, conclude any outstanding initiative by producing a Memorandum of Action, report, or resolution.
  3. Establish an appropriate timeline for which faculty have to report a student for suspicion of academic violation and create an MOA.
  4. Develop a cycle of review of all University policies and procedures related to student academic conduct.
  5. Develop catalog language clarifying application of the Division of Student Affairs versus the Office of Research and Innovation's Research Misconduct Policy.

NOTE: The PCC will seek information from any administrative office to maintain communications with that office on issues directly related to it. Council recommendations are to be submitted to the Executive Board in the form of a  memorandum of action (MOA) on which the recommendation(s) is/are stated. Any draft MOAs requested by the Executive Board should be submitted using the MOA template.

The PCC chairperson shall provide a written report of the committee's accomplishments and progress for the year; list the above charges noting each item's progress and current status; any other activities undertaken; and draft charges for the 2020-21 academic year, no later than June 30, 2020.

Click here for a printable version of the PCC 2019-20 Charge

Committee Officers

Rob Eversole, Chair

Matthew Mingus, Vice Chair

Vacant, Secretary

Ex Officio Member

Yvonne Ford
Faculty Senate Executive Board

Appointed Members

Lisa Singleterry (academic year substitute for Kelly Ackerson) (2021)
Health and Human Services

Christopher Cho (2022)
Engineering and Applied Sciences

Rob Eversole (2021)
Arts and Sciences (Sciences and Mathematics)

Anne-Marie Guidy-Oulai (2022)

Todd Morgan (semester substitute for Melissa Intindola) (2021)

John Miller (2020)
Arts and Sciences (Sciences and Mathematics)

Matthew Mingus (2021)
Arts and Sciences (Social Sciences)

Vacant (2020)
Education and Human Development

Vacant (2020)
Fine Arts

Advisory Members

Nicole Allbee
Director, Office of Student Conduct

Kathy Mitchell

Recording Secretary

Sue Brodasky
Faculty Senate Administrator