WMU Essential Studies Executive Advisory Committee

Role statement

In addition to annual charges it may receive from the Faculty Senate Executive Board, the WMU Essential Studies Executive Advisory Committee oversees the implementation, assessment, and revision of the WMU Essential Studies curriculum.


WMU Essential Studies Course Approval and Review Subcommittee—reviews and approves courses for WMU Essential Studies credit received from college curriculum committees and deans and forwards its recommendations to the administration; reviews all previously approved WMU Essential Studies courses as least once within a seven-year cycle as determined by the committee.

Charges for 2018-19

In addition to its specific responsibilities listed in the WMU Essential Studies Executive Advisory Committee's role statement and the work of subcommittee(s) if such exist, the Faculty Senate Executive Board charges the committee to consider, as a committee of the whole or through the appropriate subcommittee or task force, the following issues:

  1. Review the scope and description of the committee's role statement and assess the effectiveness of the committee's practices. Address any continuing or outstanding issues or initiatives as directed by the Faculty Senate Executive Board.
  2. Coordinate development of critical items for the WMU Essential Studies course approval form.
  3. Design WMU Essential Studies course approval, assessment/review, and revision processes.
  4. Determine minimum number of courses required for each course category prior to implementation.
  5. Develop and oversee communication/marketing plans for implementation and delivery.

Approved by the Faculty Senate Executive Board on April 27, 2018

NOTE: The WMU Essential Studies Executive Advisory Committee is expected to keep the Senate Executive Board apprised of progress, especially in connection with any memorandum of action (MOA) it may develop and to give advance notice of any action the committee seeks to place on the Senate agenda, including the final text of any proposed MOA, report or resolution. The Executive Board should also be notified of substantive procedural issue addressed by the committee.

The WMU Essential Studies Executive Advisory Committee chairperson shall provide a written summary of the committee's progress for the year; list the above charges noting each item's progress and current status; any other activities undertaken; and draft charges for the 2019-20 academic year, no later than June 30, 2019.

Click here for a printable version of the WMU Essential Studies Executive Advisory Committee's 2018-19 Charge

Committee Officers

Johnathan Bush, Chair

Vacant, Vice Chair

Yvonne Ford, Secretary

Ex Officio Member

Sarah Summy, Faculty Senate Executive Board

Appointed Faculty Members

Suzan Ayers (2021)
Education and Human Development

Jonathan Bush (2020)
Arts and Sciences

Yvonne Ford (2020)
Health and Human Services

Decker Hains (2021)
Engineering and Applied Sciences

Diane Riggs (2020)
Arts and Sciences

Sarah Summy (2021)
Education and Human Development

Brian Tripp (2021)
Arts and Sciences

Delores Walcott (2020)
Health and Human Services

Andre Venter (2021)
Arts and Sciences

Appointed Administrative Members

Kevin Knutson (2021)
Arts and Sciences (Advising)

Jessica Parker (2020)
Extended University Programs

Advisory Members

Carrie Cumming

Marilyn Duke
University Assessment Steering Committee

Mervyn Elliott
WMU Essential Studies Director

Cynthia Klekar-Cunningham
Communication, Chair

Matt Provenzale
Office of Information Technology

Dave Reinhold
Associate Provost for Assessment and Undergraduate Studies

Marketing and Strategic Communications