The Faculty Senate shares in the governance of WMU by formulating, reviewing, and giving advice on policies and other matters of concern to the University.


  • 88 Senators

  • 57 departmental representatives
  • Eight at large representatives
  • Eight ex officio
  • Three presidential appointees
  • Three emeriti representatives
  • Past presidents and Executive Board directors


2024 General Election

The 2024 Faculty Senate general election process for president, vice president, representatives-at-large, and departmental representatives will begin in January 2024 and conclude in April 2024. This is an opportunity to be a part of shared governance at Western Michigan University.

President and Vice President (two-year terms). Those wishing to be nominated by the Faculty Senate as candidates for these offices must have served for at least one year as an elected member in any of the preceding Senates. Nominating petitions for candidates must include signatures of five members from at least three colleges, of the current Senate. Petitions are available below, and are due at 5 p.m. on Friday, January 26. The lists of persons eligible to be nominated and/or to sign petitions can be found on the second page of each petition.

Faculty Senate President Petition for 2024-26

Faculty Senate Vice President Petition for 2024-26

Electronic signatures have been approved for either of the petitions. The easiest process is to download the petition PDF. Distribute the PDF via email to the person(s) that have agreed to sign and have them enter their signature using the Adobe Acrobat signature function. Send the document to each person signing separately and only send it to one person at a time. Once you receive the document back with a signature, then repeat the process for each person signing it.