Intellectual Skills Program Advisory Committee


The Intellectual Skills Program Advisory Committee will assist the Intellectual Skills Development Program in ensuring that all Western Michigan University undergraduate students are able to demonstrate competencies in reading, writing, and quantitative skills.

2019-20 Committee charges

  1. Assess the guided self-placement in reading and writing.
  2. Collaborate with the Math Department’s Placement Committee to recommend a placement process.
  3. Recommend in consultation with the University Assessment Steering Committee the assessment plan for determining the reading, writing, and quantitative skills levels of entering undergraduate (First Time In Any College and transfer) students.
  4. Create standard student learning outcomes for the developmental courses in coordination with the respective departments.
  5. Collect, analyze, and conduct formative evaluation of the data from developmental courses. Recommend strategies for assessing learning outcomes of students during or after completing assignments and evaluations. Review assessment outcomes to determine if strategies need to be modified and recommend modifications. Review courses which are/may be approved to satisfy the skill-building nature of the requirement.  
  6. Recommend development opportunities for faculty teaching all developmental, writing across the curriculum (in coordination with WMU Essential Studies Executive Advisory Committee), and baccalaureate-level writing courses.
MEMBERSHIP: The committee membership will consist of one faculty member from the department responsible for quantification component; two faculty members who regularly teach a baccalaureate-level writing course (preferable from a college not represented by other members of the committee); one faculty member from the department responsible for reading component; one faculty member from the department responsible for writing component; one faculty member from the Writing in the Discipline cohort; the Intellectual Skills Development Program director, or designee; one academic advisor.

Committee Officers

Marilyn Duke, Chair

Adrienne Redding, Vice Chair

Kerrie Harvey, Secretary

Ex Officio Member

Marilyn Kritzman
Faculty Senate Executive Board

Appointed Faculty Members

Susan Caulfield (2022)
Interdisciplinary Health Programs
Baccalaureate-level Writing Representative

Kirsty Eisenhart (2020)
Developmental Math Representative

Maria Gigante (2020)
Writing in the Discipline Representative

Kathryn Hillenbrand (2020)
Undergraduate Studies Council Representative

Marie Moreno (2022)
Business Information Systems
Baccalaureate-level Writing Representative

Susan Piazza (2021)
Special Education and Literacy Studies
Developmental Reading Representative

Adrienne Redding (2021)
Developmental Writing Representative

Appointed administrative Members

Marilyn Duke
Academic Resource Center
Intellectual Skills Program Representative

Kerrie Harvey (2020)
Fine Arts
Academic Advising Representative