Charts on this page features data from the fall 2023 census.


Student Race/Ethnicity

Employee Race/Ethnicity

Applications and admissions

This is 2023 data for CHHS alone - undergraduate, new students.

University Data

  • Enrollment Dashboard

    10-year enrollment data that you can sort by college and then by department. You can view data based on gender or race/ethnicity.

  • Faculty Dashboard

    Not sortable by college, but you can view gender or race/ethnicity breakdowns for the whole University.

  • Other Dashboards

    Complete list of University reports, including degrees awarded, research expenditures, retention and graduation reporting.

About DEI Data

In July 2020, the College of Health and Human Services published a Statement on Race and Antiracism to “announce a proactive stance on race and antiracism." The statement contains language about who we are and who we will choose to be. It includes measurable actions we will take, immediate and long-term, to work against racism in support of all of our students.

This page will be updated periodically as we determine more complete and meaningful ways to display the data. We welcome input from the WMU community. Please contact the DEI committee with ideas, comments and concerns.

Recommendations for improvements:

As we collect and report this data, we will continue to refine the ways we gather information so that we can reflect our community more accurately. This data will inform recommendations for policy and procedure changes necessary for our college to grow to more closely reflect our broader community and include more people of all races, genders, and abilities.

Processing opportunities:

We want to engage in community conversations about this data and how we can continue to become a more diverse and equitable college. We plan to offer some spaces for community engagement and dialogue. Please contact the DEI committee with any questions, comments or concerns.