Interdepartmental Mail

Inter-campus Mail Addressing

Inter-campus mail requires the addressee’s exact mail stop code (plus-4), first name, last name, and the department name (i.e. English, Accounts Payable) to be clearly marked on the material or inter-campus mail envelope.  Incorrect or incomplete information may result in delay of delivery or incorrect mail delivery.

Inter-campus mail can be placed within inter-campus or regular mail envelopes, or without an envelope (folded and stapled shut).  All inter-campus mail needs to be separated from off-campus mail.  There is no charge for inter-campus mail.

Please note, Western Michigan University Apartments are not considered inter-campus mail.  These mail pieces must be mailed.

Inter-campus Mail Distribution

Inter-campus mass mailing (distributions) requires the department to fill out the DISTRIBUTION APPROVAL form with department’s full name, date material must be distributed, means of distribution, and signature. You may request a distribution approval form from the mail center or download from the mail center website.  

All campus distributions (such as statements, human resources requirements, etc.) which include an employee’s name or ID number must be sorted by mail stop code and then by department name – not individual’s name.

Distributions using an employee count by department require a minimum of one working day to process in the mail center. Distributions should be received in the mail area prior to 3 pm to insure next day delivery.

  • All Labeled distribution (containing an employee name) material should be sorted by mail stop code.  If there is no mail stop code, sort by department name.  Labeled items should be rubber banded or clipped together by mail stop code or department name.
  • Unlabeled distribution (flyers, notices, etc.) does not need a special sortation and is normally processed the following day unless otherwise specified.
  • All numbers on the distribution form are approximate and subject to change throughout the year.  Please provide appropriate number of copies, any extra copies will be returned to your department.  Please call Mail Services at 7-8812, to verify personnel count.

 Inter-Campus Mail Enclosures

Confidential Correspondence

Confidential matter is to be inserted into an envelope with proper address and sealed. This eliminates the potential for mis-sorting and mis-handling loss due to previous markings, or lack of proper security.

Multiple Page Items

Multiple page memos, letters, should be inserted into inter-office envelopes.  This helps facilitate handling and will prevent single page correspondence or small pieces of mail from becoming trapped between the pages of multiple page items.      

Inter-Campus Mail Envelopes

Inter-campus envelopes are only for internal mailings. Departments mail stop codes are printed at the back of inter-campus envelopes.  When you are using Inter-Campus envelopes, ensure sure all previous markings have been blocked out to ensure proper handling and delivery to the intended recipient.

Used inter-camps envelopes are typically available through Mail Services.  Call 7-8812 to request envelopes.