Contract Management

Once procurement is complete and a contract is established with a supplier, the department is responsible for contract management. Typically, a contract administrator is assigned by the department. This person is responsible for administering and managing the contract. Maintaining oversight of the contract is crucial to ensure that contractors perform in accordance with the agreement they have made with the University.

Contract management is the process of managing the contract execution as well as and analysis of contract performance, which ensures the contractor meets the obligations as specified within the agreement with the University. This includes delivering the goods and services as described in all parts of the purchase order or contract, including the RFQ/RFP, specifications, terms, conditions, contracts, etc.

Contract management requires building a good working relationship with the contractor. This entails regular communication, documentation, reporting and follow up. Improper management of the contract may result in poor service, missed savings, costly litigation and broken relationships.

Once a contract is executed, a contract administrator should be assigned to oversee the contract. The responsibility of this role includes the following:

  • Act as the point of contact for the contract
  • Retain and update contractor contact information
  • Maintain ongoing, open communication with the contractor
  • If necessary, establish routine meetings with internal stakeholders and/or the contractor to review and discuss the contract
  • Handle internal communication related to the contract, including answering requests, updating stakeholders, etc.
  • Understand and act as a reference for information on contract specifications and terms such as:
    • Specifications
    • Delivery requirements
    • Effective and expiration dates
    • Warranty, Fees, Licenses, Property Ownership
  • Establish goals for performance
  • Monitor and evaluate performance against contract requirements through review, reporting, follow up, etc.
  • Evaluate and assist in resolving any protests, disputes or issues related to the contract
  • Keep records of all protests, disputes and issues along with related updates and resolutions
  • Develop, document, and address action items as necessary
  • Manage renewals, changes or updates to the contract

The Purchasing Department is available for any questions or concerns related to contract management and will assist departments with any issues they may have with their suppliers. Contact or call (269) 387-8800 for assistance.