Postage Saving Tips

You will get the best possible service if you:

  • Screen your mailing list for unnecessary names, duplicates and incomplete addresses. Mail services can help you with this.
  • Use certified instead of registered mail whenever possible. It costs less and still provides a receipt and notice of delivery to the sender.
  • Do not over-insure. The post office and United Parcel Service will pay only the actual value of an item, not the declared value.
  • Use postcards for short messages or announcements. The cost is 1/3 less than sending an envelope. Make sure that your postcard has a 5/8 inch clearance at the bottom for bar coding on the address side of the document.
  • Combine mailings when possible into a larger envelope for distribution at the location.
  • Use business reply envelopes provided by vendors, instead of department envelopes.
  • Fax the information when time is crucial, instead of using Express Mail.
  • Request library and media rate whenever possible. Savings can be as much as 50 percent of the cost of first class mail.
  • Use intra-campus envelopes for on-campus mail. Use regular business envelopes for off-campus mailings only.
  • Use non-profit/bulk rate whenever possible, saving can be as much as 20 cents per mail piece.
  • Whenever possible, fold material in half and place in a 6 inch by 9 inch or number 10 envelope to reduce postage.