The following policies are adhered to in the operation of the Western Michigan University Surplus Sales. 


Surplus Sales has the authority to dispose of all University surplus equipment via whatever means it determines to be in the best interest of the University. Acceptable means of disposal are outlined below.

Redistribution within the campus community 

Before items are offered for sale to external customers, surplus equipment will first be made available to University Departments/Units. Internal sales will be via JES.  In addition to University surplus, departments are encouraged to use State and Federal  excess and surplus property in lieu of purchasing new equipment and property when it is feasible.  

Employee sale

Departments may sell no longer used University items to its employees at fair market value. Prices will be established by owning department and Surplus Sales management.

  • Departments may need to consult with the Office of Information Technology area or Surplus Sales to verify fair market pricing for computing equipment.
  • Departments are responsible for the cleaning of hard drives on any electronic device sold to an employee.
  • A copy of these transactions must be kept in departmental files for audit review. A copy of these transactions should also be sent to Maintenance Stores/Surplus Sales.

Public sale

Items not sold to other departments or University employees are sold to the general public at the Surplus Sales Store.  Public sales are hosted every Wednesday.  See the posted schedule for specific dates and times.  

Public auction

Public auctions may be hosted when the surplus inventory warrants, as determined by management. Items will be sold to the highest bidder.  Some items may require a minimum bid as determined by the submitting department and/or Surplus Sales management.

Sealed bid

Some surplus items, especially those of high dollar value and/or specialized items (such as vehicles), may be sold via sealed bid. These situations will be determined by the Surplus Sales management with collaboration from the submitting department.

Online sale

Designated surplus items may be advertised for sale on websites such as Facebook, Craigslist, GovDeals and PublicSurplus.


Any other means of disposal must be approved by the Vice President of Business and Finance or designee.

Surplus inventory

Surplus Sales will maintain a current inventory of all commodities in their control for sale or reissue to University Departments.

Public sale procedures and policies

Hours of operation

Public sales are held each Wednesday from 10am-3:30pm. See the schedule for specific dates and times.

Store opening

The store is opened from both entrances promptly at the start of the sale.

Merchandise availability

Surplus merchandise is available on a first come, first serve basis. Surplus staff will not hold items upon request. The University does reserve the right to utilize online sales for items in inventory for an extended period of time.

Terms and conditions of sale

All items sold at Surplus Sales are sold on an “As-is, where-is” basis with no warranty or guarantee. Surplus staff is available during the sales to answer questions regarding the product and condition to the best of their ability.


Sale pricing is established by Surplus Sales staff, at times in coordination with submitting departments.  Pricing is not negotiable.

Loading assistance

Staff is available during public sales to assist with the loading of merchandise.  A limited staff is available to assist loading merchandise during other days of the week, so you may need to bring help if you are planning to pick up your merchandise on a non-sale day.

Pickup of purchase

Items do not have to be taken the day of the sale, but must be picked up within one week, prior to the start of the following week sale.


Delivery is offered for the following customers:

  • Complimentary delivery is offered to University faculty or staff for University purchases.  
  • Delivery is offered for a small fee to Western Michigan University students living on campus or off campus within 5 miles of Surplus Sales.  Deliveries will be scheduled for the following Thursday after each sale, pending schedule availability. The fee incurred is the total of the delivery fees per item purchased (see fees below) OR a minimum of $15.00 for on campus and $25.00 for off campus delivery, whichever is higher.  Students must sign a delivery agreement and be responsible for the item upon delivery, per the agreement. Contact Surplus Sales at (269) 387-8829 for more information.
ItemFee Per Item
Small Shelf$2.00
Large Shelf$5.00
Small File Cabinet$2.00
Large File Cabinet$8.00
Small Appliance$2.00
Large/Full Size Appliance$8.00
Large Electronics$5.00


Payment is required at the time of purchase.  We accept cash and major credit cards. 

Tax-exempt organizations must bring a copy of their tax-exempt certificate with them to the sale.

No-Value Items

Surplus equipment that cannot be re-purposed by sale or reissue and does not have significant recycling value is considered to have no value and therefore may be donated to charitable organizations.  Items of no value that cannot be donated will be disposed of in the most cost effective, environmentally acceptable manner available. All commodities declared worthless must have the approval of Logistical Services management representatives.

Electronic Device Information Storage

Electronic devices such as computers, copiers, fax machines, and printers can retain the images that are processed through them on hard drives, etc.  If these images are not properly removed from the devices prior to them leaving University ownership the University is liable if stored information is illegally sold or utilized.  There are also potential fines with regard to HIPAA and FERPA laws.

Therefore, please be advised of the following:

  1. All electronic devices must have hard drives or any information stored on them removed or “scrubbed” prior to disposal via surplus sales, inter-departmental transfers, donations, environmental recycling, lease returns or trade-ins.
  2. Any of the above listed methods of disposal or transfer for these devices will require notification and sign-off by the Logistical Services Department to ensure compliance with the information removal process.
  3. The Electronic Disposal form must be completed for any electronic devices purchased with grant funds.

There is an informative video clip concerning this subject.

Please feel free to contact the Logistical Services Department at 387-8800 if you should have any questions.  Thank you.