Color Guard

Attention current and prospective Bronco Guard members!  Is there life beyond quarantine?  You bet!  Your best life is waiting and it begins this summer with the WMU Bronco Guard experience. For any WMU, KVCC, and K College students; the spinning experience and friendships are found in the WMU Bronco Marching Band.  And, the Bronco Guard is the “Gold” in Brown and Gold at Western Michigan.


  • Registration is required for pre-audition workshop and auditions.
  • Please note all auditions will occur at Dalton Center at WMU. There is no cost to audition.


Pre-CAMP workshop

2024 Pre-camp:  Saturday, July 27, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Bronco Guard Pre-camp is a time to get together to refresh skills for past BMB members and learn our techniques, style, terminology, and pregame material of the WMU Marching Band guard, for prospective members. It is not mandatory but is highly recommended.  It’s a head start on the pregame material you will need to know when arriving for band camp.

2024 Auditions

2024 Guard Auditions: Saturday, August 10, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

ALL potential guard members must audition. On this audition day, you will spend the morning learning the audition material.  This choreography is typically the material written for our first show.  Along with basics (that are covered in pre-camp) in both equipment and body, you will learn and be tested on the new choreography taught that day.  Auditions are only on flag for the main guard.  If you wish to be on the rifle line for selected shows, you will be auditioned for that equipment later that day, or at a later named date. All details regarding schedule, additional funds for needed supplies (secondary rehearsal clothes, shoes, gloves, earrings, make up, etc.) are supplied prior to auditions.  The selected guard will be announced that same day, and we immediately meet, greet, and get uniforms handed out for the start of Band Camp the next week. You must be registered for the Marching Band class to receive all communication and to participate. 

2024 Bronco Marching Band Camp

Bronco Marching Band Camp Week, 8/18/24- 8/27/24

Color Guard Members report on Monday, 8/19/24

If we can answer any questions, please reach out to the Bronco Marching Band.

Or to Guard Instructor and Visual Coordinator, Kyle Keiser at

WMU Bronco Marching Band — we’ll be waiting for you!