Frequently Asked Questions About Colorguard

Many of the questions regarding participation in Western Michigan University Colorguard are answered below. If you need additional information, please the Bronco Marching Band office.

What is the practice schedule?

The color guard has a daily rehearsal with the band. There will be a pre-audition workshop (not mandatory) in which potential and returning members review basics and techniques as used in the Bronco color guard. When necessary, additional sectionals are called through the season (though limited). Knowing that the depth of work for the color guard is extensive, it is sometimes needed to have time away from the regularly scheduled class. In addition, color guard members are usually required to be earlier to performances and rehearsals. Times are always worked out to make it most convenient for all members and are not prohibitive to other class demands.

Do I have to pay for anything?

Students will be responsible for purchasing shoes and gloves for the marching season, purchased prior to band camp. In addition, the Bronco color guard members will be required to purchase headbands (approximately $5), earrings (approximately $9) and Bronco tattoos. The guard has specific warm-up clothing that the entire guard wears. This is usually a first year purchase, as is the WMU winter coat. A black Under Armour type turtleneck is usually needed for the colder months under uniform. The section usually has a t-shirt designed and available for purchase to them.

Do I get class credit?

Color guard members enroll in the same class and receive the same amount of class credit as band members. Bronco Marching Band is a 1 credit course.

What previous experience is required?

No previous experience is required, but please understand that we will be holding competitive auditions. Having a great attitude and knowing color guard basics are a must!

Basics will be reviewed at the color guard pre-audition workshop, prior experience is a definite advantage. We use drop spins, double-fast, tosses in vertical/horizontal/oblique planes and combinations with equipment and body. The Bronco color guard is known for its dynamic presence with a high degree of skill in execution. Be ready to be welcomed, but challenged. You can do it!

What equipment will we be using?

The color guard’s equipment use varies between various flags (our major equipment), rifles, props and dance. Not all members do rifle and it is not a requirement. This is an auditioned section within the guard. We use several different styles and props according to the musical selections of the shows. We have danced on risers, ladders, chairs and used boas, capes and assorted other fun equipment to convey a musically great show!