KVCC and Guest Enrollment

Western Michigan University's Bronco Marching Band welcomes guest participants. To participate in Bronco Marching Band as a guest, you must complete the guest application and register for MUS 1090. To do so, start by completing the WMU Guest Application.

  • All non-KVCC guest applicants: Once you receive notification that you have been admitted to WMU as a guest, you will need to register for MUS 1090. Instructions for registration will be mailed to you with your acceptance as a guest student.
  • KVCC students only: Contact the WMU registrar to enroll in MUS 1090. Please note that you must be a student in good standing at KVCC to receive guest admission. Students who are new to KVCC will be limited to enrollment only in the Bronco Marching Band at WMU. KVCC students will be billed tuition at the KVCC rate. Once you receive notification of acceptance, email the WMU registrar, Carrie Cumming, at carrie.cumming@wmich.edu to request enrollment in MUS 1090.

Guest Application