Attention twirlers: If you are a competitive twirler with the skills listed below and wish to be a part of the Bronco Marching Band, please submit a Youtube link to

The deadline for submitting your video is February 1. If your video is acceptable, you will be granted a personal audition on campus.

Skills Required

  • Four spin vertical, three spin horizontal
  • Variety of catches and contact material
  • Double illusion
  • Toss walkover (double walkover, preferred)
  • Side aerials or butterflies
  • Two baton (showers, hi/lo material, dual pattern, double toss)
  • Three baton (three different modes including pendulums, cascades and time tosses)
  • Rolls (fishtails, continuous back neck spins, long arms, Fujimi’s)
  • Dance skills
  • A great smile and presence on the field as well as a strong sense of teamwork and professionalism.

Feel free to include a resume outlining your competitive experience and any coaches you have had. In addition, consider auditioning for the Bronco Colorguard if you are a twirler who loves to perform but does not meet the skill requirements listed. Several former twirlers have had a wonderful performing experience as Colorguard members.

For any further information, please email