• A Japanese student proudly shows off the Japanese Club's display at the 2017 International Festival.

    WMU International Festival 2018

    Mark your calendar for the 2018 International Festival on Sunday, March 25 starting at 4 p.m.

  • Photo of Japanese study exercise.

    Stimulating scholarly activity

    The Soga Japan Center promotes and disseminates faculty and student research on Japan, and facilitates effective learning experiences, instructional strategies and scholarly inquiries.

  • Photo of outreach event.

    Organizing outreach activities

    The Soga Japan Center promotes Japanese culture, society and language in local community settings.

  • Two students at WMU's Japan Festival.

    Enriching the understanding of Japanese history, language and culture

    The Soga Japan Center regularly brings scholars and artists to campus to give Japan-related lectures and readings. The center also hosts festivals, films and performances related to Japanese culture.

  • Study abroad group in Japan.

    Building international ties

    The Soga Japan Center helps foster exchange between the United States and Japan.

Western Michigan University's Soga Japan Center is an interdisciplinary unit designed to promote knowledge of Japan to the WMU community, the city of Kalamazoo and all of southwestern Michigan. The Soga Japan Center regularly brings scholars, artists and writers to campus to give Japan-related lectures, demonstrations and readings to students, faculty and the surrounding community. The Soga Japan Center also hosts film series, displays, musical performances and other fun events related to Japanese culture.

曽我日本センターは異なる学問分野を統合した組織であり、学内やカラマズー市のみに限定せず、ミシガン州南西部地域に幅広く、日本研究の知識を総合的に広 めることを目的としています。センターは研究者、芸術家、作家等を定期的に大学に招き、学生・教員・一般聴衆を対象に、日本研究に関連した講義・講演・読 書会を開催しています。また、センターは試写会・コンサート・展示会など日本文化を楽しみながら経験出来るような行事を定期的に開催しています。

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