Procurement Card

Regular Western Michigan University employees and departments are eligible to obtain a University procurement card to be used for departmental purchases. The Visa card can be used for authorized items on phone, fax or pick-up orders. See the procurement card policy and procedures manual for complete details and the list of items that are prohibited to be purchased using the procurement card.

Procurement Card Job aids

Grants and contracts

Additional approval is required from WMU Grants and Contracts department for procurement cards requested using grant funding. Grants and contracts require the designation of a reserve account. Charges will only be made against a reserve account if a purchasing card transaction cannot be documented as a reasonable and allowable charge against a budgeted grant category. See the Grants and Contracts Website for additional policies and procedures for the use of grant funded procurement cards.

Lost or stolen cards

If your Visa card is lost or stolen, contact the University procurement card administrator:

  • 8 a.m.–5 p.m. weekdays call (269) 387-4253.
  • After hours Bank of America call (888) 449-2273.

Please note: If the card is issued on a grant or contract you will need to also contact Grants and Contracts at (269) 387-4707. Your card will automatically be deactivated and a replacement card will be mailed to the purchasing department within one week. You will be contacted when your replacement card has arrived.