Kronos Labor Transfers

Western Michigan University employees are assigned to a primary labor account, default work rule and a primary job. During their normal workday, all their worked and non-worked hours are calculated using the default work rule and charged to their assigned labor account and job.

However, employees are not limited to working in their primary labor account, at their primary job, using their primary work rule. Sometimes employees work other jobs in other departments or have their hours calculated differently using a different work rule. These are employees with multiple jobs.

Timekeepers can perform transfers so an employee’s hours are calculated differently or charged to a different account and job which is not the employee’s primary account or job. Transfers can be for the entire shift or a portion of the shift.

If you are the primary labor account or home account, the transfer process is not necessary.

How to find an employee’s primary labor account or home account

Log into Kronos. On the menu bar right under the Kronos logo, select People

  1. First, select and highlight an employee.
  2. Then select People on the menu bar.
  3. You will see a People Editor screen with two tabs, Person and Job Assignment. Click on Job Assignment.
  4. Under the Job Assignment tab you will find your employee’s Primary Job/Home account.
  5. On this screen you will also find your employee’s WIN number located under the Current Badge field.

Transferring hours instructions

For transfer instructions use the Kronos user training guide for detailed instructions or the labor transfer training pamphlet.