Paying Employees

Pay changes

On the days when a Western Michigan University raise or department number change took place, be sure that your entries into Kronos reflect those changes. When an employee has a change to their job information, it is important that Kronos reflects any changes and the employee time card has correct entries so when the time is interfaced into PeopleSoft we can calculate a correct paycheck for your employee. If a change took place within the pay period be sure to make your entries into Kronos with the changes that took place into consideration.

Employee not appearing on Kronos

If you have submitted all the proper forms for hiring or changing an employee and it is not appearing on Kronos, we suggest you first contact human resources to see if the form was updated into PeopleSoft. If an employee is active in PeopleSoft but not appearing in Kronos, we are still able to pay them. Complete the Kronos correction form and fax it to (269) 387-2937.

Please note: If the employee is not active in PeopleSoft and human resources has not updated the employee data, payroll will not be able to pay the employee. If this does occur and you are unable to pay an employee for a pay period, add the hours onto the next pay period and use the paycode RTH (retro hours).