The Western Michigan University Kronos correction form is to be used any time pay information is to be given to the Payroll Office. This form should be used for any type of request for a pay action that cannot be accomplished by you through Kronos. This includes several different types of issues such as employees not appearing in Kronos, credits of sick/annual leave used, etc.

Instructions for the Kronos correction form

  1. The Department Name, Number and Pay Period must be completed.
  2. Each employee entry must have a name and employee identification number. These are vital to ensure that payroll accesses the correct employee.
  3. Indicate the hours, whether they are regular, overtime, sick or vacation. If the employee's regular hours are on a different shift, you need to indicate this in the comments line. To credit back sick/annual leave hours used, please put a "-" (negative) sign in front of the hours. For example: last pay period you had an employee who was charged 10 hours of sick leave but should not have been charged for any. You would fill in the employee name, employee identification number and a -10 in the sick hour’s column.
  4. It is imperative for accuracy in paying an employee that you detail exactly in the comments line how you want payroll to use this form.
  5. All Kronos correction forms must be signed and dated by the person in your department responsible for authorizing time.
  6. Always include a phone number so payroll can contact you if questions arise.