Semimonthly Pay Conversion for Salaried Employees

Effective within the 2015–16 fiscal year, Western Michigan University will implement a separate semimonthly pay cycle for salaried employees. Hourly and student employees will remain on the biweekly pay cycle. Additional communications will be dispersed and posted on this website throughout the coming year to keep employees informed.

Employee groups affected

Salaried paid employees in the following employee groups will switch to a twice a month pay period cycle.

  • Athletic coaches
  • Chairperson
  • Executives and senior administrative officers
  • Faculty specialists
  • Part-time instructors
  • Professional and administrative
  • Regular faculty
  • Researchers
  • Temporary professional and administrative

New pay cycle breakdown

Semimonthly employees will normally be paid on the fifth of the month for the pay period beginning the 15 of the previous month through the end of the month. The second pay of the month will normally be on the 20 of the month covering the pay period beginning the first of the month through the 14 of the month. When a scheduled pay date falls on a holiday or weekend, the pay will be disbursed the prior business day.

Pay periodPay date
1 through 14 of the month20th of the month
15 through last day of the month5th of the following month

Start date

Academic year faculty and part-time instructors will begin the new semimonthly pay schedule with the first pay received for the fall 2015 semester on Sept. 4, 2015. All other groups will convert to the semimonthly schedule with the first fiscal year pay date of July 2, 2015 which will cover the period of June 15 through June 30, 2015.  The employee groups converting to semimonthly June 15 will receive their last biweekly pay for one week on June 30, 2015 for June 8 through June 14, 2015. The new 2015-16 pay schedules can be found on the payroll website home page.


Deduction rates will be modified to reflect the 24 pay period cycle. More information regarding deductions, benefit deductions and tax deductions will be announced. Please see the following schedules:


Leave time usage will be reported for salaried staff through a new semimonthly leave usage reporting system.  More information and training will be available on the new reporting process in the coming months.

More information

Continue to watch this website for updated information. Additional communications will be issued and posted throughout the coming year to keep employees informed. For specific questions regarding semi monthly payroll, please email