Internal Awards Summary

Western Michigan University's Office of Research and Innovation offers several awards annually to support research and creative activities at WMU. Internal support is also available from individual colleges and offices at the University.


Internal awards summary 2018-19  
Faculty Research and Creative Activities Award 147,268
Faculty Research Travel Fund 220,585
Publication of Papers and Exhibition of Creative Works 44,260
Support for Faculty Scholars Award 32,692
Technology Development Fund 59,980
Undergraduate Research Excellence Award 14,750
Total 519,534

Internal Award Summary 2017-18

Internal awards summary 2017-18  
Faculty Research and Creative Activities Award 180,156
Faculty Research Travel Fund 235,721
Publication of Papers and Exhibition of Creative Works 35,985
Support for Faculty Scholars Award 40,253
Undergraduate Research Excellence Award 54,300
Total 546,415

Award amounts have been rounded to the nearest dollar.

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Past award recipients

Faculty Research and Creative Activities Award
Support for Faculty Scholars Award
Technology Development Fund
Undergraduate Research Excellence Award

Faculty Research and Creative Activities Award

The Faculty Research and Creative Activities Award supports WMU faculty in significant research, rigorous scientific inquiry, original artistic activity and inventive technology.

2019-20 FRACAA

Name Department Area of interest
Asher, Zachary Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Technical and Sustainability Analysis of In-Motion Wireless Power Transfer
Barkman, Todd Biological Sciences Characterization of fatty acid methyl transferase enzymes from plants: testing hypotheses about the biosynthesis of volatiles important for flowers and fruits
Bondarchuk, Karen Art Artistic Forms and Evolution: Seeking the Intangible
Burns, James  Industrial Engineering Moving Toward an Industry 4.0 Tomorrow:  Understanding What Matters Today
Gray, Lori School of Interdisciplinary Heath Programs “Connections” Study of College Students with Foster Care Histories
Hennlich, Andrew Frostic School of Art Space Invaders: The Work of Art in an Age of Statelessness
Hudson, Jennifer Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Small Satellite Maneuver Control: Rendezvous and Proximity Operations for a Low-Thrust, Diagnostic Nanosatellite
Huffman, David Chemistry Steps Toward Nutritional Enrichment of Cereal Grains Using a Model Plant
Kane,  Donald Biological Sciences G2 control of the cell cycle in the vertebrate embryo
Lawson, Daryl
Lee, Kevin
Kang, Hyun Bin
Physical Therapy, Statistics, Statistics People who have Diabetes and non-healing wounds
Ross, Matthew Finance and Commercial Law Cash 'n' Careers: What is college worth?
Sawalha, Lina Electrical and Computer Engineering Estimating Power and Performance of Heterogeneous CPU-FPGA Systems
Schriever;Bloom, Tiffany Biological Sciences The hydrology of Great Lakes interdunal wetlands and the effects on their macroinvertebrate assemblages
Singleterry, Lisa 
Gogan, Brian
Caulfield, Susan
Bronson School of Nursing Writing Assignment Prompt Design: A Quantitative Examination of Prompts Across the Curriculum
Teske, Kelly Chemistry The Development of Pre-miRNA Targeted Small Molecules for the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer

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Support for Faculty Scholars Award

The Support for Faculty Scholars Award supports creative activities and research that may not lead to external funding but enhance and sustain the scholarly reputation of WMU and the faculty principal investigators.

Spring 2020 SFSA

Name Department Project title
Abendschein, Bryan School of Communication The Influence of Zoomorphic Robots on Stress and Well-Being in Post-Traumatic Brain Injury Relationships
Councell-Vargas, Martha School of Music Flute of Three Fires: Native American Flute Traditions of Southwest Michigan and the Great Lakes Region
Gerlach, Hope Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Concealment of Stuttering and the "Divided Self"
Gu, Chien-Juh Sociology Rohingya Refugees' Social Adaptation in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Hartenberger, Britt Institute for Intercultural and Anthropological Studies Microdebris Analysis of a Classical Household at Ancient Olynthos, Greece
Venter, Andre Chemistry Quantitation of bittering compounds in hops and beer
Wilson, Patrick Frostic School of Art Solo Exhibition - Black Tent Transit

FALL 2019 SFSA  

Name Department Project title
Triplett, Kyle Frostic School of Art Low-Fire Porcelain for 3D Printing Applications
Eng, Jacqueline Biological Sciences Skeletal and 3D geometric morphometric analysis of human vertebral trauma: characterizing traumata and identifying demographic patterns
Lemmer, Kristina Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Measuring electron density and temperature in nanosecond pulsed plasma gap discharges
Berkhofer, Robert History Uses of Evidence in Eadmer’s Historia novorum
Crotchett, Cat Frostic School of Art Abstract Pattern Relief Juxtapositions in Wax
Bischof, Gary Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology Mental Health and Wellness for College Students of Color
Yang, Li Geography Heritage Tourism in Historic Towns: Development Issues and Planning Opportunities
Davis, Jon Mathematics Understanding the Construction and Enactment of Technology-Based Mathematics Lessons Involving High Cognitive Demand Tasks
Choudhury, Alamgir Engineering Design, Manufacturing and Management Systems Parameter characterization for pump efficiency in a hydraulic system
Pattison, Kelley Bronson School of Nursing Assessing Caregiver Burden in Heart Failure Patients Who Are Caregivers of Family Members

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Technology Development Fund

WMU research supports commercialization efforts at WMU through the Technology Development Fund.

2020 TDF

Name Department Project Title Funded
Asher, Zachary Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Development of an Adverse Weather Operations Kit for Self-Driving Vehicles $25,000
Ross, Matthew Finance and Commercial Law Cash 'n' Careers User Interface Development $25,000

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Undergraduate Research Excellence Award

The Undergraduate Research Excellence Award provides undergraduate students at WMU with opportunities to take part in mentored research or creative activities with an externally funded faculty member.

Summer I 2020 UREA

Student Department Mentor Description
Nik Azli, Sabrina Binti Biological Sciences Wendy Beane Determining the role of the planar cell polarity (PCP) pathway in intestinal stem cell proliferation during planarian regeneration
Conway, Catherine General Psychology Lisa Baker Acute and Sub-Chronic Effects of LSD in Preclinical Assessments of Anxiety in Male Rats

Spring 2020 UREA

Student Department Mentor Description
Agy, Blake Mechanical Engineering Michael G. Miller Innovative Smart Helmet to Reduce Impact Caused by Helmet-to-Helmet Contact
Alazmi, Rajan Mechanical Engineering Pnina Ari-Gur Innovative Smart Helmet to Reduce Impact Caused by Helmet-to-Helmet Collision
Babcock, Brielle Psychology: Behavioral Sciences Amy Damashek Attitudes on the Utilization of Electronic Mental Health Apps for Mental Health Treatment
Campbell, Isabel Mechanical Engineering Pnina Ari-Gur Funding for Improvements on a vest for the Blind
Chenez, Alannah Mechanical Engineering Muralidhar  Ghantasala Magnetic Field Effect on Ferrofluid in Acoustic Levitator
Demski, Kyle Mechanical Engineering Michael G. Miller Funding for Helmet Design
Fischer, Adam Chemistry Gellert Mezei Novel Counterions for Use in Nanojars
Gaunt, Andrew Biochemistry Gellert Mezei Synthesis and characterization of nanojars based on novel, positively/negatively charged pyrazole ligands
Greene, Jacqueline Interdisciplinary Health Services- Pre Physician Assistant Wendy Beane Reactive oxygen species and their effect on wound healing in planarian worms
Hagan, Daniel Aerospace Engineering Jennifer Hudson Lunar DISC
Kadav, Parth Mechanical Engineering Zachary Asher Improving the Range of Electric Vehicles
Kincaid, Nathan Aerospace Engineering Xiaoyun Shao Super Elastic Alloys and Seismic Dampening
Lin, Andy Mechanical Engineering Xiaoyun Shao Seismic Dampening using Nitinol
Litvinova, Anna Aerospace Engineering William Liou Aerodynamics of Wind Loading on Building
Long, Makayla Biomedical Sciences Megan Grunert Kowalske Understanding STEM Instructors’ Experiences with and Perceptions of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students: The First Step towards Increasing Access and Inclusivity
Mendoza Berumen, Francisco Mechanical Engineering Muralidhar  Ghantasala Magnetic Field Effect on Ferrofluid in Acoustic Levitator
Saeed, Jameel Aerospace Engineering Jennifer Hudson Lunar DISC
Shotwell, Ben Biomedical Sciences Kathryn Docherty Using Cellulose Additions in Soil to Promote a Revergence Toward Prairie Microbial Communities
Wolf, Caroline Biological Sciences Kathryn Docherty Impact of grass biomass, mixed plant, and cellulose additions on root growth and mycorrhizal fungi association
Zoardar, Marsad Electrical & Computer Engineering Zachery Asher In-Motion wireless power transfer

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