New Timeline Deadlines for Proposal Submissions

Contact: Diana Hearit
April 6, 2018

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—The Proposal Submission Policy for External Funding and Procedures goes into effect on July 1, with the implementation of the policy’s timeline being enforced in two stages. Beginning on July 1, the timeline will be followed, with a firm enforcement of the timeline going into effect on September 1, 2018. 

The Proposal Submission Policy for External Funding and Procedures states that, in order for Office of the Vice President for Research to submit proposals for grants, PIs—principal investigators will follow the procedural timeline established for submission.

The purpose of the policy is to enable research program officers to assist and support principal investigators as they prepare their proposals for submission in a way that ensures maximum success and fairness for those who are working to meet submission deadlines set by funding agencies. The PAF must be completed and routed to the OVPR research officer by 12 noon seven business days before the deadline.  All administrative items/ancillary documents are required in their final version by 12 noon, five business days before the sponsor deadline. The proposal, in its final form for submission to the sponsor, including the final project technical description, is due by 12 noon two business days before the sponsor deadline. 

OVPR makes the commitment to submit on-time proposals, with limited exceptions, by noon on the day of the deadline. 

The July 1 implementation phase will help acclimate PIs to the deadlines being introduced by the policy. The timeline ensures research officers have the time they need to service all constituents in an equitable way and to the best of their skills.

The new policy and procedural timeline was drafted with the help and support of the associate deans on the Research Advisory Team and with input from the Research Policy Council.

The policy is available on the OVPR website.