Completion of University Invoices

To obtain the standard university invoice form, or if departments have questions regarding the standard University Invoice form, please call Accounts Receivable at (269)387-4141.

To complete the standard University Invoice form, please enter the following information on the form:

  1.     Western Identification Number (WIN #)
  2.     Fund and Cost Center (where revenue is to post)
  3.     Name of Department
  4.     Date
  5.     Object Code (where revenue is to post)
  6.     Quantity
  7.     Description of Service or materials
  8.     Amount of each item
  9.     Total
  10.     Student/Business name and address

Please mail or give the Customer their copy. The department will keep the Department copy. Please forward a copy to AR. AR will post the charges to the Student/Business account. If your department is posting its own invoices you do not need to forward the A/R copy to AR. However, AR may contact you for a copy of the invoice if the account becomes delinquent so retaining the copy is necessary.

Please forward all payments for invoices loaded to Banner to Cashiering (with the WIN # on the check). This money should not be deposited into your fund and cost center. Your fund and cost center has already received credit for the revenue when the invoice was posted to the Student/Business account on Banner.