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January 2023 Newsletter

  • Zachary Fry is wearing a light blue shirt and dark blue suit jacket.

    College wasn’t in ‘the cards’ for former foster care kid. Now he’s ready to graduate.

    Zachary Fry, a senior in the sales and business marketing program, says that coming to Western Michigan University has changed his life. Fry will earn his bachelor’s degree this April knowing his future looks much different than he anticipated when he was in high school. Growing up, Fry was in the foster care system, but hopes that sharing his story motivates others to stay focused and have a positive mindset.

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  • Sydney Wade is wearing a black and white striped blouse.

    Finding fun in Sydney Wade’s future

    From a young age, senior Sydney Wade was born to make math fun. As she studies finance and accounting at Western Michigan University, Wade is bringing the lessons she learned from her youth into the classroom. “I come from a family of entrepreneurs and have been surrounded by business concepts since I was little. So many experiences have shaped me and helped me choose my major in finance and minor in accounting because I’ve always had real-time exposure to business plans, financial books and customer service,” says Wade.

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