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December 2022 Newsletter

  • Sales students take second place at national competition

    Western Michigan University seniors Erin Rogers and Trenton Sands placed second overall as a team at the State Farm Marketing and Sales Competition. In addition, Rogers took first place and earned $3,000 in prize money in the life insurance sales role-play category. “I’m most proud of representing WMU at a national sales competition,” says Rogers. “I was a part of a dedicated team that prepared for weeks, and we were able to place second because of it.”

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  • Pictured is Mary Ghazarian.

    Mary Ghazarian’s advocacy for a better world

    Enacting change starts locally. Sitting in the classroom, senior Mary Ghazarian’s ambition to create a unified world has been stirring since she began her career at Western Michigan University. Majoring in human resource management and leadership and business strategy, Ghazarian is determined to take her learning experience into her own hands. With roles like a recruitment internship at Amazon and president and director of digital marketing of the Refugee Outreach Collective already on her resume, Ghazarian is on her way to reaching her goals.

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