Strategic Planning

The Western Michigan University Haworth College of Business strategic plan identifies the college’s strategic goals, objectives, tactics and measures as well as our critical benchmarks that integrate our core goals and mission. Our college has an unswerving commitment to the core values of the University:

We are Learner-Focused, Discovery-Driven, Community-Engaged, Equity-Centered and Sustainability-Guided in our delivery of an experience-driven education that has exceptional career outcomes for our students.

  • 2023-27 WMU Haworth Strategic Plan Overview

    Mission Statement

    To empower learners to build knowledge and develop skills to make a difference.

    Vision Statement

    To be the unparalleled leader in transformational business education, applied research and community partnerships.

    Core Values

    In our strategic plan, we follow the University’s values: Learner-Focused, Discovery-Driven, Community-Engaged, Equity-Centered and Sustainability-Guided.

    Strategic Goals, Objectives and Key Results

    • Goal 1: Deliver Distinctive Learning Experiences that Foster Success: We will provide high-quality educational opportunities and accessible student services, while fostering outstanding relationships among our students, faculty and staff.
    • Goal 2: Drive Innovative Learning and Societal Impact: We will continue to engage our students in innovative and experiential learning and service.
    • Goal 3: Facilitate Discovery and Create New Knowledge: We will support, conduct and deliver research that expands the field of knowledge in the discipline and generates value and insight for business practitioners.
    • Goal 4: Advance Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging: We will recruit and retain diverse students, staff and faculty populations and provide inclusive teaching, learning and service opportunities.
    • Goal 5: Implement Economically Sustainable Practices and Policies: We will implement effective practices and processes to use our resources judiciously and reduce our environmental footprint.

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For more information on WMU Haworth's strategic plan implementation or processes, please contact Dr. Satish Deshpande.