Foundational level—first year and sophomore year

  • Engage in a minimum of six SPuRS-approved, foundational-level activities.

  • Initiate official SPuRS audit in ExperienceWMU.

Opportunities available at the foundational level are exploratory in nature and provide student insight into personal and interpersonal awareness, business majors and industries, and professional development as a whole. Upon completion of the foundational level of SPuRS with two activities from each pillar of engagement, and the pre-business curricular requirements, students are ready to apply to the Haworth College of Business, declare their chosen major, and transition into the advanced level of the SPuRS program. Students must request their foundational level audit via ExperienceWMU prior to applying to the college of business.

Advanced level—junior and senior years

  • Engage in a minimum of six SPuRS-approved, advanced-level activities.

  • Initiate official SPuRS audit in ExperienceWMU.

  • Enroll in SPuRS capstone BUS 4000, Business Professionalism (taken in the final semester of your undergraduate experience;this course is only offered in the fall and spring semesters).

Opportunities available at the advanced level are considered more immersive than exploratory.  Students are encouraged to identify and self-select engagement experiences that speak to their own career development and growth. After finishing the minimum requirements for the advanced level, two events from each pillar, students must request their advanced level audit via ExperienceWMU.  

Transfer students

Transfer students are strongly encouraged to take Business Preparation for Transfer Students (BUS 3000) in place of the required BUS 1000 course in the pre-business curriculum. This course incorporates the content found in the foundational level of SPuRS. For this reason, if successfully passed, BUS 3000 will satisfy the requirements of the foundational level of SPuRS. Students should seek the advice of the SPuRS program manager for guidance about completion of the program.