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Tracking Your Success

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Official tracking for the Student Professional Readiness Series takes place in ExperienceWMU.

Explore the approved activities for each pillar by viewing the “SPuRS Foundational Level” or “SPuRS Advanced Level” listed under curriculum progress in the center of the ExperienceWMU home screen.

Selecting “expand all” below the five progress bars brings you to the item level for each unique activity to better understand the following:

  • The details of each activity.
  • How the experience supports career readiness.
  • The requirements of each activity in order for the item to be marked complete.

Receiving Credit

  • Attendance: Be sure to swipe your Bronco Identification Card at these events–this is the formal method for verification that you completed the activity.
  • Department or college reported: Some activities will be reported to a SPuRS representative by a faculty or department directly. Please allow time for this communication and updates to your progress to take place.
  • Self-reported experience: Some of these opportunities are self-paced–you report your experience via the blue "Report Experience" button found in ExperienceWMU at the item level.  After clicking the blue button, select an “Experience Type to Report.” Every self-reported experience form being used for SPuRS is listed by “SPuRS –”. Directions are given for each form. See below for more informatoin on using fillable forms.

 Join the Student Professional Readiness Series (SPuRS) organization, also in ExperienceWMU, in order to remain aware of the upcoming events sponsored by the Haworth College of Business:

  1. Select “Organizations” from the black tool bar at the top of the home screen.
  2. Filter the Organization Directory and select “Student Professional Readiness Series (SPuRS).”
  3. Click “Join Organization” found in the header of the screen.

Reflect on your experience

Some of the SPuRS approved activities require you to reflect on your experience and fill out a worksheet provided in the SPuRS framework. Below is a step-by-step guide for accessing the form, saving it to your computer and uploading the document to the “report experience” button in ExperienceWMU:

  1. Log in to ExperienceWMU and the SPuRS curriculum for which you are attempting to get credit.
  2. Open the provided worksheet. You may be redirected to log in to your Office 365 email account. Use your BroncoNetID and password to access the document.
  3. Click "File" on the top left of the screen; click "Save as" from the drop down menu. Save the document in an easily accessible location on your computer.
  4. Find the document on your computer and make the necessary updates by completing the form. Re-save the document to your computer before you exit the screen.
  5. Log back in to ExperienceWMU, the SPuRS curriculum and the item you want to get credit for, then click the blue “Report Experience” button and find the appropriate experience type (“SPuRS – “). Complete the form and upload the updated document to the software (accessing your personal saved file).

Clicking “Submit” for the experience will send the information to the administrative side of the software. A SPuRS representative reviews the self-reports on a weekly basis. Please allow time for review and approval.

Saving an experience report on a Mac

If you are using a Mac, you may need to save your file using the following steps:

  1. Click on “Tools” > “Forms” > “Add” or “Edit”
  2. Click on “Edit” from the top bar > Select all
  3. Right click on one of the form fields and click on “Properties”
  4. Click on the “Appearances” tab
  5. Change the font size
  6. Click “Close”
  7. Click on “Close Form Editing”
  8. Re-save the document to your computer


For more information, contact:
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