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Tracking your success

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Official tracking for the Student Professional Readiness Series takes place in ExperienceWMU. You can access ExperienceWMU through your Go WMU portal by clicking on the gold W icon at the top right.

Explore the approved activities  for SPuRS by viewing the "Student Professional Readiness Series path.  This is located on the home page. Scroll down and you will find it,  just under All Events.

Selecting "Foundational Level Activities" or "Advanced Level Activities" below the five progress bars will bring you to the listing of the pillars and the two required experiences for each pillar. A green checkmark next to the experience indicates completion of that experience. Clicking on the item description will show upcoming SPuRS-approved events, self -guided experiences and self-report forms for each item.

Receiving credit

  • Attendance: Be sure to swipe your Bronco Identification Card at all time-bound events; this is the formal method for verification that you completed the activity.
  • Department or college reported: Some activities will be reported to a SPuRS representative by a faculty or department directly. Please allow time for this communication and updates to your progress to take place. Reach out to with questions.
  • Self-reported experience: Some of these opportunities are self-guided; report your experience in ExperienceWMU (See below for step-by-step guide). 

Join the SPuRS organization

 You are encouraged to join the Student Professional Readiness Series (SPuRS) organization in ExperienceWMU, to remain aware of the upcoming events sponsored by the Haworth College of Business:

  1. Click on the “Organizations” tab at the top of the screen.

  2. Filter the Organization Directory and select “Student Professional Readiness Series (SPuRS).”

  3. Click the  “Join” blue button found in the top right corner of the screen.

Text message reminders

Students can opt in to receive text notifications for upcoming SPuRS approved activities.

Students interested in this communication method must turn on the text message notification feature in your ExperienceWMU account settings:

  1. Log in ExperienceWMU

  2. Click on the first letter of your first name, or your photo, in the upper right corner.

  3. On the "Profile" tab, scroll down to turn on your text message notifications (include your cell phone number and your mobile provider).

  4. Select "Update".

  5. Text messaging is optional and will be supplemented by other forms of communication. Standard data and text message rates will apply. You can opt out at any point by returning to your account profile in ExperienceWMU and turning Text Message Notifications off.

Reflect on your experience

Some of the SPuRS-approved activities require you to reflect on your experience and fill out proper documentation in the SPuRS framework. Below is a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process:

  1. Log in to ExperienceWMU .

  2. Click on the "Student Professional Readiness Series (SPuRS)" tab found in the Paths section of the homepage.

  3. Click on "Foundational Level Activities" or "Advanced Level Activities".

  4. Click on the pillar that represents the experience for which you are seeking credit.

  5. Click on the instructions for the particular experience to review completion requirements.

  6. Click on the corresponding self-report form for the specific experience.

  7. Complete the required form and click "Submit" (Note: some experiences will require you to submit additional documentation. Please read the form prior to completing.)

Clicking “Submit” for the experience will send the information to the administrative side of the software. A SPuRS representative reviews the self-reports on a weekly basis. Please allow time for review and approval.


For more information, contact:
(269) 387-5131