Alexander Ambs is sitting in his office with a wakeboard.

Alexander Ambs, B.B.A.’13

Sales Specialist

Senior Building Specialist, Big Buildings Direct

Alexander Ambs isn’t just setting company records—he continually smashes his own. As the senior building specialist of Big Buildings Direct, Ambs dreams of accomplishing each goal he sets his mind to. Most recently, after generating over $3.8 million in sales, he received the President’s Club award for the third year in a row. 

Now combining business with his passion for wakeskating, Ambs has been selling his own Pro Model boards with Leaf Wakeskates. From the trunk of his car, he is able to share his love with other individuals who are eager to get involved in the sport. Crafting his own promotional materials, he has increased sales for Leaf Wakeskates nearly 50% in the last year! 

When Ambs isn’t breaking his own records, he is securing sponsorships and growing the Professional Wakeskate League, a premier contest series. His dedication to the sport also shows through his engagement with the league’s Cares branch, which has donated over $3,000 to local community organizations where their contests are held. Ambs is certainly leaving everyone in his wake!

Bucket List: 

Receive a Guinness World Record.