Wade Buckman is smiling wearing a dark blazer in front of a white background.

Wade Buckman, B.B.A.’20, MBA’21

Asset All-Star

Founder and CEO, Buckman Capital, Ltd.
Trauma Sales Associate, Stryker 

Wade Buckman knows a thing or two about winning a game. As a digital asset trader specializing in decentralized finance, he works hard to score big wins for his clients. At WMU, he played football and was named an Academic All-MAC team member, but he didn’t stop there. One year later, he completed his Master of Business Administration and graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

Starting his career as a digital asset trader, Buckman built on the information he learned at Western and gained from veteran bond traders to devise a strategy to apply to the market he is most passionate about—decentralized finance.

He went on to become founder and CEO of Buckman Capital, Ltd., headquartered in Bermuda. In this role, he uses the strategy he devised to make decentralized finance simpler and safer for both individual users and institutions. 

As a true competitor, Buckman is motivated to continue learning and putting more wins on the board. One of his next goals is to open a wealth management division in the United States for those with a lower-risk profile.

Favorite Kalamazoo Attraction:

“None other than Waldo Stadium. While I may be biased, you can’t beat a crisp fall day in Kalamazoo supporting the Broncos at Waldo!”